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Every voice is winning campaigns in Maine, Seattle, and more.

Every voice should have a say in our economy

Every voice should have a say in our children's future

Every voice should be heard in our democracy

Every Voice is winning political campaigns that ensure every voice counts. Let's do this!

The Impact

Politicians need to listen to every voice on the most important issues affecting our nation.

Minimum Wage

When politicians spend half their time fundraising from wealthy donors, they lose touch with how hard it is for everyday Americans to make ends meet.

Our Environment

The same people responsible for polluting our air, water, and climate are the ones spending hundreds of millions on political campaigns and lobbyists.

Income Inequality

The gap between the richest and the poorest Americans has never been bigger and it's because the richest are funding our politics.

The Work

We are working every day to ensure that every voice is heard.

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