Every Voice


About Us


Every Voice is a “social welfare” nonpartisan organization, designated by the IRS as tax-exempt under code section 501(c)(4). We fund our work through gifts and grants from those who share our belief that every voice should be heard in elections and when elected officials are making decisions that impact our lives.

People support Every Voice with gifts ranging in size from $5 to $100,000 or more. Every dollar that is given to us helps us carry out our mission. Although we are not required by law to publicly disclose the names of our donors, we regularly post the names of our most recent major contributors on this site.

Organizations such as ours are required to make their IRS 990 tax filings available to individuals upon request. We have also taken the proactive and transparent step to post them here so that they are readily available for anyone who is interested.

Contributions to Every Voice are not tax-deductible. We urge those who share our vision but for whom a tax-deduction is important to support our sister organization, Every Voice Center.

Donors who have given $5,000 or more:

Action for the Republic
Anne Bartley
Blue Haven Fund
David Bonderman and Laurie Michaels
Christina Lee Brown
Communications Workers of America
Sean Eldridge
Rosemary Faulkner
Friends of Democracy
Fund For the Republic
Ernest Garcia
Jonathan and Connie Heller
John Hunting
John Langan
National Education Association
Piper Fund
Proteus Action League
Louis and Deborah Salkind
Sierra Club
The Advocacy Fund
Tides Voter Action Fund
Tikva Grassroots Empowerment Fund
United Food and Commercial Workers
George Wallerstein
Working Families Organization, Inc.