Every Voice



Our Approach

Getting in the game is what Every Voice is all about

We believe that comprehensive money in politics reform is possible only when we’ve built the political power necessary to overcome public cynicism, the self-interest of lawmakers elected under the current rules, and a well-financed and entrenched opposition. To do so, we need to elect champions of comprehensive reform and defeat its opponents. We embrace the irony of using money in politics to reform money in politics. We must win the public debate on solutions that lift up every voice – re-empowering a cynical public with the belief that yes, their voice does matter. We must join with millions of Americans to win campaigns in the near term that lay the foundation for larger victories down the road.

We’re not new to winning campaigns. We’ve tasted victory with laws that return elections to everyday Americans and we are expanding our work to continue to win campaigns that bring us closer to a government of, by, and for the people, not the funders.

To the powerful or cynical we may sound idealistic or romantic. We get that. But we’re not naive. We know that people with resources will always seek to influence politics. We know you can’t keep the big money out entirely. And we know that the answer to the problem of money in politics isn’t unattainable prohibition.

That’s why our solution is as reliant on increasing participation as it is on regulating the flow of special interest money. Explicit in this approach is our trust in the strength of Americans – you, your neighbors, and your community – to fix what’s wrong with American democracy.

Every Voice is focused on winning campaigns and winning policies that bring people into politics. The story of our national progress has always been one of expansion and inclusion. With your help, we will write the next chapter.