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Big Money In Politics

America’s history is a story of overcoming injustices. No taxation without representation. Abolition. Women’s suffrage. Civil rights. Marriage equality. We constantly seek progress. We are always pursuing a more perfect union.

The great national tradition of sticking up for the little guy is burned into our DNA. We back the underdog. We love the revolutionaries and pursue moonshot ideas. We innovate. We start up. We celebrate David beating Goliath in sports, culture, and especially politics. Long odds and powerful opponents don’t deter us from working to advance justice and freedom.

We also know in our hearts and our heads that progress is often forged in response to crises. We are at our best when confronted with the worst. We come together to fight in the face of great wrongs.

And so it is with money in politics. Americans know our democracy is cheapened when a small number of the wealthiest among us are more important than the rest of us. We know that laws are too often written by the highest bidder. We know that the game is rigged against the majority of us.

Changing the game won’t be easy. The courts are against us on basic democratic freedoms. Too many politicians offer lip service on the issue of money in politics while handing our elections over to big donors. Congressional gridlock blocks reform. The big banks, energy companies, and other industries and special interests act as if they own Washington and our state capitals.

This is the next big American crisis. Now is our time to come together to fight this injustice. This is our Goliath to slay. Those who oppose us will find themselves on the wrong side of history.