Every Voice


Every voice can make a difference

Every voice should have a say in our economy

Every voice should have a say in the future of our children

Every voice should be heard in our democracy

Everyone's voice should be heard in our democracy.

The Impact

Politicians need to listen to every voice on the most important issues affecting our nation.

Access to affordable health care

Big donors are funding an attempt to repeal health coverage for the sickest and most vulnerable in order to pay for taxes cuts for the wealthy.

A fairer tax system

Politicians want to help their donors, even if it means the rest of us have to pay more in taxes and receive fewer government services like health care, education, or infrastructure improvements.

Protecting our environment

The communities that are most often and hardest hit by climate change and a polluted environment are also the ones with the least amount of political clout.

The Work

We are working every day to ensure that every voice is heard.

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