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Every Voice Action: New TV Ads Hits Gov. Rounds on Growing EB-5 Scandal

Washington, D.C.—Every Voice Action is expanding its advertising in the South Dakota Senate race today with a second TV ad highlighting the growing corruption scandal over former Gov. Mike Rounds’ “citizenship-for-sale” scheme. The group will spend $130,000 on TV and online over the next week.

Watch the ad: http://youtu.be/aRTWNmRhjiY

“The more voters learn about Mike Rounds’ citizenship-for-sale scheme, the more questions they have about his ability to represent them fairly in the U.S. Senate,” said David Donnelly, president of Every Voice Action. “South Dakotans deserve a Senator who’ll work for them, not for his cronies and wealthy donors.”

In the ad, as headlines about the scandal show up on screen, the narrator says:  “It’s the Mike Rounds Citizenship‐for‐Sale Scheme. And it’s getting worse … now the Republican Legislature is investigating. Mike Rounds says … ‘EB5 doesn’t sell citizenship.’ But Mike Rounds gave his friend a no-bid contract to auction off EB5 Green Cards to the highest bidder. That is selling citizenship … and Mike Rounds knows it. His cronies profit … taxpayers have millions in liability … And Mike Rounds still refuses to take responsibility.”

As governor, Rounds granted a lucrative, no-bid contract to a friend of his to run the state’s version of the EB-5 “citizenship for sale” program, allowing foreign investors to invest in the state in exchange for legal migration to the United States. The friend mismanaged the program under Rounds’ watch, and Rounds kept the program going, leaving South Dakota potentially liable for tens of millions of dollars in a lawsuit. Rounds’ EB-5 program is now under federal investigation and the state legislature is also looking into the program.

Every Voice Action’s first ad in the race, available here, went off the air Wednesday and this new ad will run today through next week. The new ad has 800 gross ratings points behind it.

Watch the ad: http://youtu.be/aRTWNmRhjiY

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