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Every Voice Action: New TV Ad Hits Gov. Rounds On Corruption Scandal

Money in Politics Watchdog Every Voice Action To Spend $200k To Run Ad Through End Of September

Washington, D.C.— A new 30-second television ad released today hits former South Dakota Governor and U.S. Senate candidate Mike Rounds for a scheme to give a friend a controversial government contract that’s now under federal investigation. Every Voice Action will spend $200,000 to air the ad through the end of September statewide.

See the ad here: http://youtu.be/OI378PEHz3M

“Mike Rounds gave his pal a payday and left South Dakota taxpayers liable for a multi-million dollar lawsuit,” said David Donnelly, president of Every Voice Action. “If elected to the Senate, just imagine the sweetheart deals he could dole out to the Wall Street bankers and big out of state donors funding his campaign.”

As governor, Rounds granted a lucrative, no-bid contract to a friend of his to run the state’s version of the EB-5 “citizenship for sale” program, allowing foreign investors to invest in the state in exchange for legal migration to the United States. The friend mismanaged the program under Rounds’ watch, and Rounds kept the program going, leaving South Dakota potentially liable for tens of millions of dollars in a lawsuit. Rounds’ EB-5 program is now under federal investigation.

In the ad, the narrator says, “It’s the Mike Rounds Citizenship-for-Sale Scheme. It all started with an exclusive no-bid contract. Governor Mike Rounds gave his friend a no-bid contract to sell EB-5 green cards to the highest bidder. Now, there’s half-million dollars unaccounted for… it’s under federal investigation … and taxpayers are left with “millions in EB-5 liability. Mike Rounds. Rich foreigners get green cards. Cronies make a profit. And South Dakota … gets stuck with the bill.”

Watch the ad: http://youtu.be/OI378PEHz3M

Validation: http://salsa4.salsalabs.com/o/51152/images/Scheme-Validation.pdf


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