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About Us


Every Voice is a nonpartisan, social welfare organization, designated by the IRS as tax-exempt under code section 501(c)(4). We advocate for campaign finance systems that reduce political inequality and create opportunities for everyday citizens, without access to big money, to participate as donors and to run for office themselves.

We fund our work through gifts and grants from those who share this belief that every voice should count — both in elections and in policy decisions that impact our lives.

People support Every Voice with gifts ranging in size from $1 to $100,000 or more. Every dollar we receive helps us advance our mission.

Although we are not required by law to publicly disclose the names of our donors, we regularly post the names of our active major contributors on this site.

Organizations such as ours are required to make their IRS 990 tax filings available to individuals upon request. We post them so you don’t have to ask and so that they are readily available for anyone who is interested.

Contributions to Every Voice are not tax-deductible. We urge those for whom a tax-deduction is important to support our sister organization, Every Voice Center, a 501(c)3 organization.

Donors who have given $5,000 or more to Every Voice since January 1, 2015:

America Votes
Anonymous (4)
Asa Johnson
Christina Lee Brown
Citizen Action of New York
Clay Kenan Kirk
Communications Workers of Amerca
Dagmar Dolby
Eric Uhrhane
Essex City Community Foundation
Evan Williams
Every Voice Center
Friends of Democracy
George Wallerstein
Helen LaKelly Hunt
Irene Kaufman
James Mai
John Koza
John Langan
Jonathan Heller
Jonathan Soros
Katrina vanden Heuvel
Lawrence E Hess
League of Conservation Voters
Open Society Policy Center
Proteus Action League
Rosemary Faulkner
Sean Eldridge and Chris Hughes
SixteenThirty Fund
The Ayco Company, L.P.
The Tides Foundation
Tides Voter Action Fund
Voqal Fund
WhyNot Initiative
William Von Mueffling

Every Voice and Every Voice Center have recently come under new leadership. We will be expanding and diversifying our efforts to promote a democracy that works for all of us and responds to the voices of everyday people. Watch this space for specifics later in 2019.