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New Poll: Supreme Court Should Protect Rights of Everyone to Be Heard

February 6, 2017 | Adam Smith

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Americans overwhelmingly agree the Supreme Court should protect the rights of everyone to be heard in our elections, not just the wealthy and powerful, according to a survey released last week by Every Voice, End Citizens United, and NARAL that was conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. Regardless of political party or ideology, Americans are opposed to justices who’ll give corporations and wealthy donors more power to influence our elections and they want their Senators to oppose nominees who’ll do just that.

Opposition to a nominee who’ll throw out contribution limits and give big donors and corporations more influence in elections is both broad and deep. Overall, 78 percent are more likely to oppose the nominee (56 percent much more likely to oppose), including 92 percent of Democrats, 84 percent of Independents, and 59 percent of Republicans.  Three quarters of voters express a desire for their Senators to oppose a Supreme Court nominee who has ruled in favor of allowing campaign contributors to spend more money in elections.     

With Gorsuch on the record in support of a legal standard that would likely throw out all contribution limits, Senators would be wise to use his money in politics record to oppose him. When given a list of reasons to oppose the nominee, money in politics rose to the top.

In fact:

  • 78 percent are more likely to oppose Trump’s nominee if he “has issued rulings that there should be no limits on the amount of money corporations and wealthy individuals can spend on elections.”
  • 70 percent are more likely to oppose Trump’s nominee if he “would uphold the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision that allowed corporations, unions, and wealthy donors to spend more money in our elections.”

 Download the memo from the pollster and the survey questionnaire.

Adam Smith

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