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Sen. McCaskill: How about a little transparency?

March 9, 2015 | Adam Smith

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Sen. Claire McCaskill appeared on Meet the Press Sunday to talk about toxicity in politics, following the tragic death of the Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich who committed suicide recently, possibly due to an anti-semitic smear campaign against him.

She had this to say in response to a question from host Chuck Todd on accountability:

“How about a little transparency? You know, we can argue about Citizens United in terms of the court case, but we could still fix it by making sure that all the money, the dark money that is being sent right now in politics is transparent and we know who is spending it.”

“I still don’t know who ran nasty ads against me. I don’t know who paid for them. The idea that we are allowed to do our democracy behind closed doors in terms of the first amendment, let’s get it out there and open and pass the Disclose Act and make sure all this money is traceable to its source and then the candidates that are indirectly responsible could be held more accountable.”

Adam Smith

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