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Bipartisan Coalition Bans Dark Money in Montana

April 16, 2015 | Laura Friedenbach

Washington D.C. — As Montana Gov. Steve Bullock (D) prepares to sign the bipartisan Montana Disclose Act into law, national campaign-finance watchdog Every Voice is releasing the following statement. 

“Under the leadership of Governor Steve Bullock and with bipartisan support, Montana has shown that Republicans and Democrats can come together to pass meaningful reforms of our campaign finance system to create a democracy that work for everyday people,” said president and CEO of Every Voice David Donnelly. “Governor Bullock is leading the way in shining a light on dark money in political campaigns and ensuring the voices of everyday Montanans are represented in Helena. Montana shows that the issue of money in politics is really only a partisan issue in Washington, D.C. Congress, and state lawmakers across the country, should follow Montana’s lead.”

Every Voice ran a grassroots lobbying and public communications campaign including calls to legislators and print and online ads to support the bill and communicate to Montanans the importance of making every voice heard in our democracy, and not just those of wealthy donors. 

The bill will require disclosure of all donors to independent groups, no matter their tax status, if they spend money on state-level electoral communications either targeting or mentioning a candidate within 60 days of an election.

Gov. Bullock has made disclosure legislation a priority since his election in 2012 and spearheaded the push for the Montana Disclose Act. A bipartisan majority of 41 Democrats and 10 Republicans passed the bill in the House Wednesday to send it to the Governor’s desk — despite opposition and spending from the National Rifle Association and the Koch brother’s Americans for Prosperity. 


Every Voice is focused on winning campaigns and policies to transform our political system into one that represents everyday people, not big donors. We’re building the political power necessary to create a democracy that’s truly of, by, and for the people.

Every Voice and Every Voice Center have recently come under new leadership. We will be expanding and diversifying our efforts to promote a democracy that works for all of us and responds to the voices of everyday people. Watch this space for specifics later in 2019.