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Donald Trump’s “Drain the Swamp” Claim is Laughable

February 28, 2017 | Adam Smith

Washington, D.C. — President Donald Trump’s statement during tonight’s speech before a joint session of Congress that he has “begun to drain the swamp of government corruption” is not backed up by his actions in the first month of his administration, said campaign finance watchdog Every Voice.

“Donald Trump’s claim that he has begun to drain the swamp is laughable,” said Adam Smith, communications director at Every Voice. “He has filled his administration with the same big donors, lobbyists, and Wall Street executives he said he’d fight if elected president. If he’s actually serious about draining the swamp, he’ll talk with the members of Congress in the audience tonight with real, comprehensive campaign finance proposals to reduce the power of special interests and give everyday people a bigger voice in the process.”

While Trump said he is draining the swamp, the facts tell another story:

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