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101 Ways Trump Has Failed to ‘Drain the Swamp’ in First 100 Days

April 25, 2017 | Laura Friedenbach

New site details Trump’s broken promise: draintheswamp.gop

Washington, D.C.—Every Voice’s new website, draintheswamp.gop, marks President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office by detailing 101 ways in which he has failed to keep his main promise of “draining the swamp” of special interest influence in Washington. 

“Donald Trump said he’d fight the power of lobbyists and big donors in Washington, but he’s broken that promise by giving them special treatment while profiting off the presidency,” said David Donnelly, president and CEO of Every Voice. “Time and time again, he has put the interests of big donors, billionaires, or his own bank account ahead of the needs of the American people.” 

The site, set on the background of a swamp and using the Republican party’s own .GOP domain, is a comprehensive look at all the big donors and Wall Street executives he’s installed in his administration, the lobbyists who’ve gotten jobs working on the issues they were previously lobbying on, the access of big donors, and the many ways he’s profiting off the presidency.

The full list of the 101 items is also available and includes these categories:

  • He filled his cabinet and administration with the big donors and others tied to special interests he promised to fight if elected.
  • His top aides have repeatedly violated ethics rules while facing no punishment.
  • He promised to reduce the power of lobbyists, but has placed many in key positions overseeing policy that impacts their previous industries.
  • Instead of addressing the conflicts of interest and constitutional violations he faces, Trump has proudly used his presidency for profit.
  • He immediately became the exact politician he fought against—conducting government business in secret, selling access to big donors, and giving corporate special interests whatever they want.

Many of the facts on the site also contradict the White House’s recently released “first 100 days” page which brags about Trump’s lobbying executive order. In fact, the order is weaker than Obama’s and is failing to slow the revolving door for lobbyists. Lobbyists are being granted waivers to work throughout the administration, a few aides left before even signing the ethics pledge, and people who leave are already being granted waivers to start lobbying.

“Every decision Trump has made since inauguration has shown he has no interest in keeping his promise to voters that he’ll ‘drain the swamp’ of corruption in Washington,” said Donnelly. “Until he fully divests, kicks out the lobbyists, and offers comprehensive campaign finance policy, there’s no reason to believe he’s serious.” 

Learn more at draintheswamp.gop, and see the full list at everyvoice.org.


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