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End Citizens United, Every Voice: Special Prosecutor Can Bring Americans the Answers They Deserve

May 17, 2017 | Laura Friedenbach

The American people want elections free of undue influence and demanded an independent look at President Trump’s ties to Russia

End Citizens United President and Executive Director Tiffany Muller and Every Voice President David Donnelly released the following statement in reaction to the Justice Department’s appointment of Robert Mueller as a special counsel to investigate possible coordination between President Trump’s associates and Russian officials seeking to meddle in last year’s election. The two money in politics reform groups last week launched a national campaign calling for an independent investigation on the issue.

“Americans of every political stripe who demand their elections be free of any undue influence whether it is international or domestic, from Russia or from Wall Street, have spoken out. They want assurances that their elected officials are working in their interests first and foremost. It will take a nonpartisan, independent investigation, such as one from a special counsel to bring the nation the thorough, comprehensive answers it needs and deserves.”

The End Citizens United and Every Voice campaign for an independent investigation included paid advertising and grassroots advocacy which consisted of tens of thousands of petitions and calls to members of Congress urging an investigation.

Every Voice and Every Voice Center have recently come under new leadership. We will be expanding and diversifying our efforts to promote a democracy that works for all of us and responds to the voices of everyday people. Watch this space for specifics later in 2019.