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Every Voice: Not Surprising Ted Cruz “Agrees in Many Ways” With Bernie Sanders on Money in Politics

February 3, 2016 | Laura Friedenbach

Washington, D.C. — Following the New York Times’ report that Ted Cruz said he “agrees in many ways” with Bernie Sanders on big money’s influence in our elections, money-in-politics watchdog Every Voice released the following statement:

“Public anger about money’s influence in politics is boiling over in this presidential campaign, so it’s not surprising to see a leading Republican presidential candidate like Ted Cruz criticize Washington as corrupt,” said Every Voice communications director Adam Smith. “Unfortunately, the policies he advocates for would only make things worse by giving the wealthiest among us unlimited ability to buy access to and influence with politicians. It’s not enough to agree with Bernie Sanders on the problem—Cruz should take a look at Sanders’ and Hillary Clinton’s  bold, comprehensive platforms to give everyday people a bigger voice in politics.”

As reported by the New York Times, Cruz said at an event in New Hampshire: “Actually in diagnosing the problem, I agree in many ways with Bernie Sanders. Media folks, they’re very puzzled when they say, ‘Gosh, Ted, you sound exactly like Bernie saying it is all big money and lobbyists and corruption.’ Well, you know what? That’s right, it is. Washington is corrupt.”

Just this morning, former ethics lawyer for President George W. Bush Richard Painter penned a New York Times op-ed making the conservative case for campaign finance reform.

Last week, Every Voice released a new scorecard ranking presidential candidates on money-in-politics reform policies. Ted Cruz scored a D-. Last year, Every Voice president and CEO David Donnelly wrote this Star-Telegram op-ed about why Ted Cruz’s money-in-politics solution is wrong. 


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