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Hillary Clinton Pledges to Introduce Citizens United Amendment in First 30 Days

July 16, 2016 | Adam Smith

In a video address at Netroots Nation today, Hillary Clinton will pledge to introduce a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. FEC decision in her first 30 days as president.

Statement from David Donnelly, president of Every Voice:

“With this pledge, Hillary Clinton is making it clear that she understands the path to the White House depends on having both the right positions on money-in-politics reforms and a clear plan of action. We applaud her for pledging to champion these issues if elected. By announcing it at this conference, she is underscoring how critical the issue is to her ability to attract Sanders’ voters and grassroots activists. The appeal of giving everyday people a bigger voice, though, also reaches across the partisan divide. She should make strengthening our democracy a central part of her message as she campaigns across the country.”

On Tuesday, Clinton said reforming our campaign finance system would be a “top priority” if she’s elected president. Last September, she released a comprehensive reform platform modeled after the “Fight Big Money Agenda” developed by a dozen money-in-politics reform last summer. The draft Democratic Party platform also includes a call for comprehensive reforms. While Donald Trump has spoken a lot about the influence of lobbyists and big donors, he has yet to offer any policy solutions to address the system he criticizes.

Every Voice and Every Voice Center have recently come under new leadership. We will be expanding and diversifying our efforts to promote a democracy that works for all of us and responds to the voices of everyday people. Watch this space for specifics later in 2019.