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Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Will Entrench Power of Wealthy Donors Backing His Nomination

July 10, 2018 | Adam Smith

Washington, D.C.– In what is expected to be the most expensive Supreme Court nomination battle in history, President Trump’s selection of Judge Brett Kavanaugh could further entrench the power wealthy donors, corporations, and special interests have over our political system, said money-in-politics watchdog Every Voice.

Every Voice president and CEO David Donnelly released the following statement on Kavanaugh ’s nomination:

“Donald Trump has repeatedly nominated judges with a history of siding with the wealthy and powerful and against everyone else. Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination is no different. He has regularly sided with wealthy special interests and against basic protections for workers and consumers. Those same special interests have already begun a multi-million dollar campaign to push him through confirmation.

“The decision Judge Kavanaugh authored in Bluman v. FEC raises the troubling prospect that he’d vote with the conservative majority to overturn the ban on foreign money in our elections–an extreme position out of touch with the views of most Americans.

“A narrow majority of the Roberts Court has repeatedly sided with the wealthy and powerful and against regular people. They’ve given big donors and corporations more power in politics, drowning out the voices of everyone else. They’ve given the green light to voter suppression. They’ve made it harder for workers to come together to advocate for themselves. These justices have come together with conservative politicians around the country to rig the rules of our democracy. Judge Kavanaugh would likely join them in making it even harder for regular people to be heard and counted in our elections.

“As the confirmation process moves forward over the next weeks and months, it’s crucial that Kavanaugh is thoroughly scrutinized by the Senate Judiciary Committee for his views on our democracy. Senators must demand he make clear that he believes the Constitution protects the rights of all people to be heard in our democracy, not just the wealthy and well-connected.”

His opinion in Bluman v. FEC provides plenty of insight already into his views on our democracy. As noted election law expert Rick Hasen wrote recently, “I believe that a Justice Kavanaugh could well vote with a new SCOTUS majority to hold that laws effectively limiting foreign influence in our elections violate the First Amendment.”


Every Voice and Every Voice Center have recently come under new leadership. We will be expanding and diversifying our efforts to promote a democracy that works for all of us and responds to the voices of everyday people. Watch this space for specifics later in 2019.