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In New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Show Candidates Win When They Take on Big Money

February 10, 2016 | Laura Friedenbach

Washington, D.C. — Money-in-politics watchdog Every Voice released the following statement in on the outcome of the New Hampshire primaries: 

“Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump — two candidates once considered long shots — have been propelled by voters that value their claims of being unbought and unbeholden to big money,” said Every Voice president and CEO David Donnelly. “Every presidential candidate should take notice. With an electorate that too often feels politicians aren’t working for them, Republican and Democratic candidates alike can increase their appeal by offering and campaigning on plans to take on big money including  small-donor driven solutions that give everyday Americans a voice in politics.”

Every Voice has raised concerns about the anti-democratic, bigoted rhetoric coming from presidential candidate Donald Trump. His message on money in politics is undercut by the intolerant treatment of others including those of Muslim and Latino descent.

“Hillary Clinton recognized the powerful message voters are sending by leading her speech with a commitment to fight for comprehensive campaign finance reform,” said Donnelly. “We will be encouraging her to engage South Carolinians, Nevadans, and Americans all over the country in this fight.”

Poll after poll conducted this cycle has asked about money in politics and found there is broad, bipartisan anger and a desire for politicians to act. Following the Iowa caucuses last week, sixty-four percent of Democratic caucus-goers in Iowa said a candidate’s position on money in politics was one of the top three reasons they chose a candidate in the caucus, according to polling released Thursday by Every Voice and conducted by Public Policy Polling. One in four said it was the top issue for their vote. More than eight in 10 Sanders supporters listed his position on money in politics as among the top three reasons for voting for him in Iowa.

Money in politics has become an unavoidable issue on the campaign trail with every single presidential candidate proactively broaching the issue or faced questions from voters. You can keep track of these statements on Every Voice’s Tumblr at http://talkingaboutmoneyin2016.tumblr.com/.

Every Voice recently released a new scorecard ranking presidential candidates on money-in-politics reform policies and detailing their policy proposals. It’s available online at http://fightbigmoney.com/scorecard/


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