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POLL: Voters Support Transparent, Accountable Elections for Miami-Dade

August 12, 2016 | Laura Friedenbach

New Poll Shows County Officials Ignore Money-in-Politics Initiative at Their Peril

Miami, Fla.—Majorities of voters across all demographic groups and political parties support the An Accountable Miami-Dade initiative to give everyday people a bigger voice in the political process, according to a survey released today by An Accountable Miami-Dade and national money-in-politics reform group Every Voice.

The survey comes just days after half of the county commission failed to show up to a meeting to begin the process of reviewing the 127,000 signatures submitted last week to put the An Accountable Miami-Dade initiative on the ballot.

“Miami-Dade voters think corruption is a problem and support this initiative as a way to address it,” said Monica Russo, SEIU Florida president and co-chair of An Accountable Miami-Dade. “If county officials fail to act, they’ll not only be ignoring the will of the 127,000 people who signed the petition, but also broad majorities of their voters who support taking big money out of the political process and making democracy accessible to all residents of the County. Inaction by the county officials would only confirm Miami-Dade residents’ belief that their government isn’t listening to them.”

The survey, conducted with 600 likely voters in late July by respected national polling firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, found:

  • Voters are cynical about politics and are frustrated that local government does not represent their interests. An incredible 89 percent believe corruption among local politicians is a problem.
  • By a wide margin, they support the policies behind the Accountable Miami-Dade initiative aimed at addressing the problems they have with the system. Sixty-percent of voters favor the initiative, with strong majorities across demographic lines. In fact, 68 percent of Hispanics, 71 percent of independents, and 71 percent of younger voters support the initiative.
  • Voters are enthusiastic about each of the policies. Each measure of the policy—whether it’s increased transparency, a ban on government contractor contributions, or matching funds for small donations—draws over 60 percent support.

“This initiative would make Miami-Dade County a national leader in the fight for a more transparent and accountable political system,” said David Donnelly, president and CEO of Every Voice. “The question is whether county officials will stand with the big money status quo or Miami-Dade voters who clearly support this measure.”

An Accountable Miami-Dade will increase transparency by banning government contractors and their lobbyists from making campaign contributions to county candidates, and update the city’s small-donor matching fund program to give everyday people a bigger voice in the process. Learn more at accountablemiamidade.com.

 A memo about the survey is available online at http://bit.ly/2bnrxGP.


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