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At Presidential Debate Trump, Clinton Present Clear Contrast on Money in Politics

October 9, 2016 | Laura Friedenbach

Clinton Reiterates Support for Reform, Trump Lies About Fundraising

Washington, D.C. — Money-in-politics watchdog Every Voice released the following statement following Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s exchange at the presidential debate over filling the Supreme Court vacancy and their fundraising. 

“The contrast couldn’t be more clear,” said Every Voice Communications Director Adam Smith. “Hillary Clinton reiterated her support for overturning Citizens United and empowering everyday people in politics. Donald Trump lied about his fundraising while offering no policies to address our broken campaign finance system. There’s only one candidate who wants to strengthen our democracy and has the plan to do it: that’s Hillary Clinton.”

Last year, Clinton released a bold, comprehensive plan to strengthen our democracy. Trump has offered no such plan, and his Party’s platform endorsed policies that would give big donors more power in our elections. Clinton has said she will make campaign finance reform “a top priority” if elected and has pledged to introduce constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. FEC decision in her first 30 days.

Every Voice, in offering its endorsement last month, pledged to work with Clinton to advance the agenda and to hold her accountable for failure to act.


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