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Every Voice on Trump’s 5-year Lobbyist Ban: “Won’t Accomplish a Whole Lot”

November 17, 2016 | Laura Friedenbach

Washington, D.C. — Following Donald Trump’s 5-year ban on administration appointees becoming lobbyists, money-in-politics reform group Every Voice released the following statement:  

“This is a policy that sounds good on paper but won’t accomplish a whole lot in practice. People want policies that’ll make government listen to them, not just a delayed payday for lobbyists,” said Every Voice president and CEO David Donnelly. “For democracy to work for all Americans, President-elect Trump must ensure that our democracy and our government welcomes all people. He must demonstrate that with words, actions, and policies that are bigger than simply deciding the jobs people can have after leaving the White House.” 

The power of lobbyists in a Trump White House is just one of many issues around special interest influence that has been raised in the short period since Election Day. Super PAC backers are part of his transition team, major donors and Wall Street financiers are being considered for cabinet positions, and their plan to address conflicts-of-interest between Trumps’ companies and his presidency have been deemed woefully inadequate by ethics experts.


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