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Virginia Candidates Pledge to Reduce the Power of Big Money

August 17, 2017 | Laura Friedenbach

Northam and 48 Delegate Candidates Tell Every Voice They’ll Prioritize Money-in-Politics Reform

Washington, D.C. — In nearly half the races for the Virginia House of Delegates and for Governor of Virginia, candidates have pledged to reduce the power of big money and give everyday people a bigger voice in elections, announced national money-in-politics organization Every Voice following a statewide questionnaire.

“Virginia may be the Wild West of campaign finance law, but candidates running to be leaders in the Commonwealth have pledged to change that,” said David Donnelly, president and CEO of Every Voice. “With growing anger over the influence of big money in politics, these candidates recognize that voters are looking for politicians who will ensure billionaires and big corporations don’t have a bigger voice in politics than the rest of us.”

Every Voice asked every candidate for Governor and every general election candidate for the House of Delegates where they stand on money-in-politics issues through a statewide questionnaire. Virginia is one of just a handful of states with absolutely zero limits on what wealthy and corporate donors can give to candidates, and there is an urgent need for money-in-politics reform.

Candidate for Governor Ralph Northam and 48 candidates from 44—nearly half—of the Delegate races responded to Every Voice’s questionnaire pledging to prioritize working with their colleagues once elected to:

  • Oppose the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision
  • Support meaningful contribution limits to reduce the power of wealthy corporations and special interests in Virginia’s elections
  • Pass legislation such as small-donor public financing to reduce the influence of big donors and incentivize more participation by everyday Virginians

The candidate responses can be viewed at EveryVoice.org/Virginia.

Delegate candidates were also asked if they would pledge to stand up against recent “attacks on specific groups, like immigrants, women, and religious minorities, and on some of the pillars of our democratic society, like the ability to protest and the free press” and  “work to expand democracy and inclusion whenever possible.”

Every Voice will use the questionnaire responses as a factor when making endorsements in competitive races ahead of Virginia’s election this year.

Every Voice and its 100,000 active members are working around the country to build momentum for policies that amplify the voices of everyday people and reduce the power of big money in politics including electing champions to all levels of government to forward those goals.


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