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Watchdog Group Buys Air Time For “Cuomo Speech” Television Ad in Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse Media Markets

March 24, 2014 | Adam Smith

Washington, D.C.—Public Campaign Action Fund is expanding its television ad buy questioning whether Gov. Andrew Cuomo will live up to his words on campaign finance reform into Western and Central New York media markets this week.

“Gov. Cuomo has said all the right things on Fair Elections reform and now it’s time for action,” said David Donnelly, executive director of Public Campaign Action Fund. “Public financing must be part of this year’s budget.”

The ad, which began airing in other markets last week, features video of a speech Gov. Cuomo gave in 2013 on the importance on passing comprehensive campaign reform that includes small dollar public financing. The voice over of the speech is interspersed with words on the screen urging Gov. Cuomo to live up to his own words. If he falls short, all the strong language is “just a speech” the ad concludes.

Fair Elections is a comprehensive package of reforms that includes matching small donations with public funds for candidates for all state offices, similar to a popular program in New York City. It will air over the next several days.

The ad is one four released by Public Campaign Action Fund in the past few months. The other three are availableherehere, and here.

“Gov. Cuomo has a choice—to be a national leader to put our elections back in the hands of everyday Americans or give in to the status quo of big money politics,” said Donnelly.

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