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Watchdog to Jeb Bush: How will you change the culture of lobbying?

June 15, 2015 | Adam Smith

Washington, D.C.–In yet another sign that the influence of money in politics will be an unavoidable topic ahead of 2016, Jeb Bush launched his presidential campaign while criticizing the growing influence of lobbying in Washington. Campaign-finance watchdog Every Voice responds with the following statement on behalf David Donnelly, president and CEO:

“If there was ever a clear sign that political money and influence will be a big issue in 2016, it’s that the $100 million man Jeb Bush said he’d ‘challenge the culture’ of lobbying in Washington in his presidential announcement speech.

“Jeb is right that the growing influence industry in Washington is a problem. Yet, identifying the problem is only step one. In order to grab the attention of voters, presidential contenders need to provide real solutions to address the problem and put the concerns of everyday people back at the center of our political process.”

Bush isn’t the first candidate to talk about the issue on the campaign trail. Check out Every Voice’s Talking About Money in 2016 Tumblr for a comprehensive look at what 2016 candidates are saying about money in politics.

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