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In Congress, in city council chambers, and statehouses across the country elected officials are standing up and speaking out about restoring balance to politics, and the need to create a democracy that works for everyday people, not just big donors.

What We’re About

Every Voice wants to ensure that the debate about money in politics is as much about solutions as it is about the dispiriting sums of money funding elections. Unless we create hope that there are solutions that work, and a pathway to win them, we will only see public cynicism deepen and metastasize into apathy. It’s in this context that we believe elected leaders can play a unique role, and the Champions for Democracy Caucus aims to help elected leaders do just that.

What is a Democracy Champion?

Democracy Champions are elected officials who have:

Champion Elected Officials Are Helping Guide Our Caucus

The Democracy Champions Advisory Committee:

  1. John Loredo, Committee Chair, former House Minority Leader, Arizona, (D).
  2. Letitia “Tish” James, Public Advocate for the City Of New York (D)
  3. John Sarbanes, member of U.S. Congress, Maryland, (D).
  4. Pam Jochum, State Senate president, Iowa, (D).
  5. Steve Gallardo, Maricopa County supervisor and former state legislator, Arizona, (D).
  6. Nancy Navarro, Montgomery County councilor, Maryland, (D).
  7. Richard Romero, former State Senate president, Every Voice and Every Voice Center Board member, New Mexico, (D).
  8. Matthew Lesser, state representative, Connecticut, (D).
  9. Ed Youngblood, former state legislator, Maine, (R).
  10. Gary Winfield, state senator, Connecticut, (D).
  11. Diane Gibson, Albuquerque city councilor, New Mexico (D).

2017 Briefing Book for Candidates:

Federal Briefing Book

State and Local Briefing Book

Democracy Champions Updates:

Democracy Champions in the news

On March 3, 2016, Minnesota State Senate President Sandy Pappas published an op-ed in MinnPost about efforts being made in state legislatures all over the country, and in Congress, to silence the voices of everyday Americans and shift even more power to the wealthy and well connected. Pappas talks about the coordinated attacks on our democracy and how she’s leading many Minnesota lawmakers to fight back. Check it out here.


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